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Last Runner Running is a 24-hour Ultra Marathon race run on a six-mile loop. Runners will have one hour and forty minutes to complete the six-mile loop. Every hour and forty minutes a new loop will start, if the runner is unable to start the next loop they are out of the race. Runners will utilize wave starts based on bib numbers for COVID-19 protocol. Bibs 1-10 will start first followed by 11-20 one minute later then 21-30 one minute thereafter and so on until the max number of 100 is reached if necessary. Each time a new loop is started the wave start procedure will be utilized. The race start and finish will be at the Cool Staging area in Cool Ca. on St. Florian court. The event will start on Friday June 11 at 6pm and continue for a maximum of 24 hours if necessary.  SS Mountain has the best intentions in regards to putting on a safe and fun event for all participants to make this a successful event now and in the future. 

Bring your headlamps, waist lights and good spirits. We want this event to be fun yet competitive. Come support Ray Sanchez and this new race he is excited to bring to you. 

SS Mountain is happy to announce Hammer Nutrition as a sponsor for for this years Last Runner Running! 

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