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Meat Grinder 50k
         January 13, 2024         

Come join us for a fantastic run along the historic Pioneer Express Trail during the 3rd annual Meat Grinder 50k! You will start and finish at the Beals Point in Folsom CA. The river canyon views are stunning as you work your way from Beals Point to Granite Bay, through the infamous Meat Grinder, and eventually get to your turn around spot at Rattlesnake boat ramp. Then, retrace your steps back to the finish line and get a 2nd opportunity to pass through the Meat Grinder! There will be 5 well stocked aid stations along the way with a myriad of food and drinks to keep you nourished and energized for your run! Sign up fast, our races have a history of selling out well before race day arrives! And, if you can't join the race fun, please consider giving back to the trail race community by volunteering!

CLICK HERE  to sign up for the race!  


CLICK HERE  to sign up to volunteer!

CLICK HERE for directions to the start/finish at Beals Point

Parking will be at Beals Point. The parking fee is $10-12 and is NOT included in your registration fee.  Please pay when you enter the park at the kiosk or use your Poppy Pass, if you have one.


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