FOLSOM 100 Virtual Race

         2/12/2021 - 05/31/2021         

Come join us for a fantastic virtual run clockwise around Folsom Lake and the surrounding areas! You will be (virtually) starting from Folsom Point and traveling through Granite Bay, Loomis, Auburn, Cool, Salmon Falls, El Dorado Hills and back to Folsom Point! We have combined large sections of our other races (Meat Grinder, Snowberry, Red Dragon, and Dead Truck) into this one EPIC route! You can do this race in segments or knock out the whole thing at once. The views around Folsom Lake and river canyons are stunning as you work your way through this incredible course.  Sign up fast and earn your buckle! YOU MUST RUN THGE VIRTUAL COARSE THAT HAS BEEN CREATED!!!!! Please see coarse map at bottom of page.

   sign up for the Folsom 100 virtual race!  Folsom 100 - February 12 - May 31, 2021 (

Swag included: Buckle and shirt!

102 miles and 10,200+ feet of climbing

*** online GPS estimates

There is a map of the course below the photos. If you click on "View Full Version," you can download the GPX file and load it into your GPS device for exact course tracking during your run! 

For those unfamiliar with parts of the course, here are some common sites (trailheads or parking lots) where you can have your friends/family "crew" for you during your run as well as the approx. corresponding mile according to the map's measurements:

  • Folsom Point - Mile 0

  • Beal's Point - Mile 4

  • Granite Bay - Mile 7

  • Rattlesnake SRA (Loomis) - Mile 17

  • Auburn (ADO) - Mile 27

  • No Hands Bridge - Mile 31

  • Cool Fire Dept. - Mile 34

  • Rattlesnake Bar Rd. (Pilot Hill) - Mile 44-50

  • Skunk Hollow - Mile 61

  • Cronan Ranch - Mile 69

  • Magnolia - Mile 73

  • Skunk Hollow - Mile 85

  • Salmon Falls - Mile 86

  • Brown's Ravine - Mile 99

  • Folsom Point - Mile 102

- If you need help finding any of these locations, please email and we'll be glad to help!


Photos below show some of the beautiful views you will get along the course!

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Red Dragon 4
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