May 06 - 07 2023        

Come join us for the first ever FOLSOM 100-mile ultramarathon circumnavigating Folsom Lake! The Folsom 100 will start from Granite Bay state recreation area in the five percent parking lot at 5:00 am on May 6th, 2023. Runners will have 34 hours to complete the 100-mile loop around Folsom Lake. You will be starting from Granite Bay and traveling through, Loomis, Auburn, Cool, Salmon Falls, El Dorado Hills, Folsom Point and back to Granite Bay! We have combined large sections of our other races (Meat Grinder, Snowberry, Red Dragon, and Dead Truck) into this one EPIC route! The views around Folsom Lake and river canyons are stunning as you work your way through this incredible course. The 50-mile race will end at the Skunk Hallow Parking lot in Pilot Hill. Parking is very limited here and drop off/pick up is advised. There will be no shuttle this year. The 100-mile 2-person relay switch out will also take place at Skunk Hallow Parking lot in Pilot Hill. First year pricing is in effect! Sign up fast and earn your buckle! We have now added a 20-mile distance to this year's event. This will start at Granite Bay and Finish at ADO. 


  • Granite Bay - start

  • Rattlesnake SRA - 10.4 miles

  • Cardiac Hill (water only) - 16.96 miles

  • Auburn Overlook Park (drop bag) - 19.46 miles

  • Cool (drop bag) =26.86 miles          

  • St. Florian road - 33 miles

  • Rattlesnake bar  - 45 miles 

  • Skunk Hallow (drop bag) - 54 miles

  • Magnolia -65 miles

  • Skunk Hallow - 75 miles

  • Old Salmon Falls staging area (water only) - 79 miles

  • Browns Ravine - 90 miles

  • Granite Bay - FINISH! 100 miles

Hampton Inn and Suites Folsom is the official hotel of the Folsom 100! Click on the Hampton Inn and Suites logo for a special discounted rate! This is a great place and location to stay with lots of food options and local running stores. Keep in mind it is 20 minutes from the start but still the best location.



  • :100 MILES 


  • : 54 MILES 

  • : 20 miles 

Runner Requirements:

      - Wear a reflective vest while on the road sections of the Folsom 100

      - Have a minimum of one light on them 30 min prior to sunset until 30 min after sunrise.

       -Stay on the shoulder of the road at all times

       -Obey all traffic laws and park rules during the race

       -Do not drop trash unless in a trash can!


Pacing will be allowed starting at Auburn Overlook Park (ADO)

-Crews / spectators are asked to please avoid Rattlesnake Bar Recreation area as runners will be on Rattlesnake Bar Road during the race. D.O.T. has been generous to grant permission and we don't want to ruin that for next year.



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